April 21, 2018

The team "Strizhi-2008" won a confident victory in the Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan on ice hockey among the teams of athletes in 2008 у. o. in group "B"!

For all three long tours, held in different cities of the country, the team won 19 games and only one defeat, gaining a total of 57 points. During the matches with seven worthy opponents, "Strizhi" scored 147 goals and conceded 33.

Denir Uteev (№ 3) became the best defender of the tournament, Arseniy Kuchkovsky (№ 1) was the best goalkeeper (№ 1), Mikhail Kolenko (№ 95) and Nazar Elemesov (№ 88) were the most effective players.

Debuting this year in the Championship of the country and immediately becoming gold medalists, "Strizhi-2008" daily train in the Baluan Sholak Palace of Sport and Culture.

Congratulate with a well-deserved victory! We are proud of the talent and dedication of young hockey players! We appreciate the contribution of the "Strizhi" coaching staff to the development of children's sports in Kazakhstan!

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