Figure-skating groups

The admission for figure-skating classes is currently carried out in the Palace.  The cost is 24 000 Tenge/month, 22 000 Tenge for the second and the next child in the family.

The classes are held 3 times a week: on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 19:45 till 20:45. Training sessions are run by the instructors – Masters of Sports and Candidates for Master of Sports of the USSR in figure-skating.

Our coach-instructors

Smolyak Tamara Petrovna. Education higher CAIFC. Work experience 28 years. Coaching category I sports title of the CCM. Medalist in singles and pairs figure skating in Kazakhstan.

Смоляк Тамара Петровна
Coach-instructor in figure-skating. .

Kravchenko Elena Vitalievna. Education higher Kasif, GITIS. The experience of 25 years. The title of Master of Sports of the USSR. Participant of World championship among juniors. The champion of Kazakhstan in pair skating.

Кравченко Елена Витальевна
Coach-instructor in figure-skating. .

Ulanova Natalia Lvovna. Education higher CAIFC. Work experience 43 years. Sports the title of the CCM.

Уланова Наталья Львовна
Coach-instructor in figure-skating. .